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Welcome to HortGrow, where our business is totally focused on helping our customers grow healthy and abundant plants, using less water, nutrients and labor per growth cycle. Our primary products are made from coco coir, sometimes known as “coco peat” or “coco pith,” a sustainable by-product of the coconut industry. Read More

Featured Products

Strawberry Grow Bags are popular alternatives to container and raised-bed growing. Plants produce more abundant crop yields when grown in HortGrow precision-media bags.

HortGrow vegetable Grow Bags are designed for specialty growing needs, improving the distribution of water, oxygen and nutrients throughout all crop cycles.

Blueberries are the “Divas” of the berry world, and are often the most expensive crop to establish and maintain. HortGrow grow bags reduce overhead costs significantly by eliminating expensive soil prep, mulching and acidification.

Grow Cubes are terrific for vegetable transplants and short duration crops. HortGrow cubes offer labor-saving convenience for plant establishment for tender plants that will be transplanted to larger Grow Bags or pots at a later date.

InstaGrow Pots, also known as “Grow Bags” bring professional-quality growing methodology and convenience to the home gardener. HortGrow’s InstaGrow pots take enthusiasm for gardening to a whole new level!

HortGrow pioneered the design and manufacturing of the large-volume InstaGrow beds.  Ordering an InstaGrow bed provides an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional raised beds.

Expand and Grow Blocks are the convenient way to create the perfect growing medium. HortGrow’s growing mixes – – – each meeting the specific needs of growers around the world – – – are compressed into blocks that are easy to transport and store until needed. Hydrated in just minutes, HortGrow blocks become a fluffy, resilient growing medium for every need from seedlings to container growing, and hydroponic and in-ground gardens of all sizes.

HortGrow’s Grow Walls are made from high-quality polyester felt fabricwith small “planting pockets.”  The GrowWalls are shipped with ready to grow media; just add water and plants or seeds.

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